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Having just received a tutor recommendation for a boy in the city center, female tutor Yoshikawa quickly arranged her schedule to facilitate her work. She thought that everything was fine, but she did not expect that there was another outside factor that affected her teaching: the neighborhood boys. Even though they were only in high school, these boys were very knowledgeable about sexual psychology and physiology. At the same time, with their curiosity, they were very creative and came up with ideas for a very perfect plan. Every morning when she goes to work, these mischievous kids spray water guns at her, causing her clothes to get completely wet. The reason the other two boys do this is so they can peek at her changing clothes through the reflective glass. projected from inside the house. Not only that, they also colluded with the child she tutored, planning to spray water containing aphrodisiacs on her, which caused her to be unable to suppress the power of the drug while teaching. My students relieve some of the cravings in their bodies. Of course, the incest scene between teacher and student was secretly filmed by those two bad boys, it was all part of their plan. They used this clip to blackmail her, forcing her to satisfy her curiosity and sexual desire or else they would post the clip online. What a smart neighbor.

HBAD-447 The female governess and the destructive neighbors
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