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Nao and her husband - Satoshi work in the same company, even in the same department. Nao has become the best employee this month, but her husband's results are always at the bottom. Chief Ozawa has always paid attention to Nao, he is always jealous that someone like Satoshi can have such a beautiful wife. And then the opportunity came, when his superior assigned a new task to Ozawa, he assigned his current job to Nao. Under the pretext of easily supporting Nao, he moved Nao's desk into his room. Using the fact that Satoshi would be fired from his job to pressure Nao, she had to agree to wear provocative clothes when meeting her partner. After a few times like that, he couldn't control himself and took over Nao's body. But the feeling of happiness that Ozawa brought to Nao made her gradually stop resisting and even proactively become a lover, lying to her husband to meet and have sex with him...

JUL-461 My wife is my boss's mistress
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